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If you follow along on Instagram (@hillarykweidner), you’ve noticed more outfit posts than normal and I wanted to share my initiatives with Make Statements for 2018 🙂

When I started this blog in 2011 or 2012 (I lost track) I was primarily posting about fashion and statement pieces – hence the name Make Statements.  I chronicled planning a wedding, moving into a home, getting pregnant and slowly the fashion took a back seat.


Make Statements transitioned into more of a lifestyle blog and once Bea was diagnosed with biliary atresia, it became a necessary outlet to update family and friends on the day to day medical decisions and events that were going on in our lives.


Throughout our journey over the last couple of years, I have really missed posting more about clothing and style.  It’s not because I don’t think about it – but it was because I wasn’t buying really anything new and honestly, I just didn’t have time to find fun clothing online.

My Dad always reminded me to keep sticking with my blog, keep posting, keep it going.  One of the things that made me so happy was that he was so proud of this blog I created and he was one of the only reasons I found time to post.

The second half of 2016 and all of 2017 honestly seems like a blur to me.  Yes, of course, I vividly remember major moments and milestones but my overall “being” was just getting through each day, each moment, each minute.  My mind was wrapped up in my sadness and shock of missing Dad and quite frankly, I was in survival mode.

Missing Dad will never go away and although he is always in the front of my brain –  I am actively trying to come out of the haze.


Going into 2018 I am waking up and have set some personal goals I want to work towards – certain people to lean into more, give more attention to a certain animal (I bet you can guess), and focus & do what makes me genuinely happy and what makes me a better partner and mom.  And to be more grateful.


One of the things that made me so happy in the beginning of blogging was the fashion and clothing.  Talking and sharing about brands and trends and featuring some of my own outfits – SO – you will be seeing more of that!


ALSO – if you aren’t signed up for then you need to!  When I post an outfit or product on Instagram and you “like” the photo, that outfit or product will go directly to your Inbox where you can shop it!  You won’t have to wait until I actually post it on my blog several days later.  Sign up HERE.

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Finally,  I want to end this blog post by saying that I really appreciate all of the nice notes, Instagram messages, and emails.  I love interacting with you guys and, honestly, it is a big part of what makes this fun!  Keep them coming!  I always love feedback and ideas for posts too – so send them to .

Looking forward to a great & healthy 2018 – thanks for following along!




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