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I hope you all had a great weekend!  Last week was crazy for us and this weather is totally throwing me for a loop!  I think its getting up to 55 degrees today – so weird.

Anywho – here is a highlight from out week!

[We have lived in our house for a little over 4 years and looking at it RIGHT after a snowfall never gets old to me.  I love this house so much.]


[We had Monday off so I took myself to Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa in Kenwood for a little facial and it was SO beyond relaxing!]


[Then I met my sister and friend for lunch at The Rooted Juicery.  I haven’t ordered one thing I didn’t like from their menu but I LOVE the pesto and riocotta wrap but in a BOWL instead.  So delish.]


[One thing I really look forward to all week is my trip to Trader Joes.  You can find me there right around 8am on Sunday mornings and as of late, I have done my WHOLE grocery shop for the week there.  And somehow I am spending $50 less than normal.  I plan on doing a blog post soon about my top 10 favorites from TJ’s because there are just so many hidden delicious things so stay tuned!]


[These two in their poppy PJs….find them HERE]


[I also went to Pottery Barn this week to buy new stemware and I ended up decided on THESE wine glasses.  I love them.

When I was in PB I also spotted these amazing leather stools.  Find them HERE!]


[And how cute are these pink and gold globes?! Find them HERE]


[I picked up this little from school and took her to one of her fave spots – Zip’s Cafe in Mt Lookout.]


[I also popped into Nordstrom to try on a few dresses.  LOVING this DFV long sleeve dress.  Find it HERE.]


[And we opened a little bottle of wine in honor of Miss Poppy :)]


[And these two nuggets looking WAY too old!]


[The face she always gives me when she’s up to no good…]


[Our fave spot for Saturday morning breakfast!]


[And find my below top for under $20 HERE!]




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