what i’m packing


I am so beyond excited for our trip to Exuma!  We booked this trip several months ago when a couple of our best friends decided to move from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh.

We needed something majorly fun to look forward to so – enter Exuma!

Amanda & I will both be celebrating our February birthdays on this trip so I started outfit prepping weeks ago.

Here is what I have added to my suitcase 🙂


Lola pommed dress find HERE



Statement earrings find HERE



Splendid tank find HERE


Santorini dress find HERE



I randomly went to Mara Hoffman’s website when she was having a flash sale and bought 2 bright and colorful dresses  – I can’t link to them because I can’t find them anymore!  LOVE them both!



I also purchased this suit and am hoping I love it once it comes.  My only hesitation with it is that you’ll be able to see my scar in the middle of my stomach but I’m trying not to be so self conscious about it!

Find it HERE and it also comes in black which you can find HERE.  





And I sent a little package to get my bestie excited for the trip!  It included THIS clutch …


THIS facial mist….


And my favorite lip hydrator – THIS lip gloss!



Happy shopping!




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