shopping for girls


So, it is no surprise that I love little girl’s clothing and am obsessed with dressing the girls in all things pink and matching.  I love it so much and get a ton of questions and to where I shop for them!

Locally, I love to go to a few spots.  Castle House is always a place I shop for special occasions – birthday dresses, baby gifts, Christmas outfits, etc.  They have great things and it just makes me feel so good going in there. It’s just a happy place.


Another local spot I love is The Spotted Goose.  This store is owned by one badass momma – she owns this amazing kids clothing store along with a women’s boutique called SohoThe Spotted Goose is in Oakley and, again, has great stuff. I especially love their PJ selection, they carry BlaBla dolls like Happy, and they have the most adorable tshirts to celebrate birthdays 🙂   Like Castle House, they gift wrap and it makes gift giving so SO easy.





Other spots I love to shop for the girls…

The Monogrammed Home.  One of my favorite items HERE!



Posh Pickle.  Love their jammies like the ones below.  Find my latest fave find from this cute retailer HERE.




Beaufort Bonnet Company. One of my absolute favorite brands. Love their jammies, love their summer dresses, love everything.  Find my current favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE.



Hanna Andersson.  LOVE their jammies – HERE is my current fave pair!


Zara.  Their kids clothing is SO cute and different.  Bea’s top below is from Zara (not currently avail) but how cute is THIS vest?!


Gap.  Gap is also a place I go for major basics.   The two dresses were on MAJOR rotation for awhile.  Find my fave pair of leggings from Gap HERE.


Roberta Roller Rabbit.  Their jammies, hands down, are my absolute favorite.  Their prints are so cute, they are SO soft, and they even come in adult size 🙂  ANY of their stuff is cute – we even love their little backpacks.  Find all of their kids stuff HERE.



Happy shopping!



stuffed sweet potatoes


I know I don’t normally post recipes here but I made something over the weekend that I am in total love with!  And obviously have to share!

With a trip to the Bahamas on the horizon, I am doing my very best to make January a very clean and healthy month.  With a bathing suit on my mind, I made a few things this past Sunday that have few ingredients, a lot of spices, and a ton of flavor.

These stuffed sweet potatoes were delish and I really recommend you make them – especially if you like spicy food.  My plan was to make these on Sunday night, wrap them up, and then reheat in the oven for a quick dinner after coming home from work.  They looked so good we ate them that night.

Find the recipe HERE.

The only thing I changed was that instead of 3 chipotle peppers, I used 1 jalapeno pepper.

I also mixed some of the mash sweet potatoes with the chicken and spinach so the potatoes was more like a twice baked with a stuffing of sweet potatoe mash, chicken, spinach, and sauce.

This is also NOT my picture – I forgot to take one 🙂





outfits from the weekend


I have so many things I want to post about (New Year resolutions, healthy recipes I made yesterday, our NYE, taking the pacifier away from Bea, Bea’s birthday, Poppy’s first words, etc) but today, I am just focusing on the outfits I wore over the weekend.

I got a TON of instagram messages (which I loved!) about what I was wearing and how to find it so here you go!

When we got the news that one of my very good friends from high school was getting married on new years eve I was so excited!  I LOVE NYE in any form or fashion – low key eating in or big plans – but I was excited to be celebrating such an incredible couple with close friends this year!

I started scouting for dresses months ago.  I ordered more dresses than I care to share and I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I finally settled on one that I wasn’t crazy about when I got the idea to try Rent the Runway.

I hadn’t used RTR in about 3-4 years and was very skeptical because I remembering having a less than great experience.  Nevertheless, I ordered a jumpsuit and dress thinking one of them may have potential.

I got them both in and was obsessed.  They both fit perfectly and were so comfortable!

Here is what I wore to the rehearsal dinner….rent this jumpsuit HERE!  I am about 5 foot 8 inches and ordered the LONG version of this and it fit perfectly with my high heels.

****Don’t judge the messiness of my bedroom please!  We were stripping the beds and replacing the bench in front of my bed!  The whole room looks like a total mess!****


And for the wedding I rented this form fitting dress HERE!  Again, really comfortable!


It was such a special night celebrating a great couple.  Courtney looked gorgeous and just so so happy 🙂 And I met Jordan 13 years ago on NYE so it was an extra extra special night for us!]