the sill

I am the perfect example as to why social media ad campaigns work.

Like many of you reading, I am constantly served with ad campaigns while I am researching, blogging, shopping and interacting “socially”.  If super targeted – they can be extremely effective.

Let me start by saying that I love Valentine’s Day.  I’m not embarrassed to say that it is my favorite holiday.  An excuse to tell people how much they mean to you and  I have always loved Valentine’s Day – mainly because I always had a Valentine.  My Dad.

Obviously things have changed and I miss my #1 Valentine more than anything BUT I still love Valentine’s and now more than ever I use it as a major reminder to tell people I love them and how much they mean to me.

As I was noodling over (and struggling over) what the heck to give a couple of special doctors at Cincinnati Children’s and Bea’s teachers I was stumped on good ideas.

And then, The Sill entered my Instagram feed with an advertisement and I was so thankful.


The Sill is a website (they also have 2 locations in NYC) solely dedicated to bringing green inside your home in an EASY way.  I love flowers more than the next person but I am REALLY BAD at keeping them alive.  I can kill almost anything green (RIP my fiddle leaf).

The one thing I have found that will survive in my home is a succulent.  I love the way they look, they are super low maintenance and a great gift.

After seeing The Sill’s Instagram ad, I went to their website and poked around only to be EXTREMELY excited over their Hoya Heart succulent.


How cute are those?!  I immediately ordered more than I needed and when they came on Valentine’s Eve I was over the moon.  They were tightly packaged and I spent the next 30 minutes potting them from little planters I bought from Michaels.

ANYWHO – check out The Sill and look through what they have (if the Hoya Heart doesn’t strike your fancy).  They have a TON of options for your home, desk, or for a friend.

Use code:  MAKESTATEMENTS and get 10% off your first order.






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