aden + anais diapers

If you are a mom and reading this, aden + anais is a brand you are VERY likely to be familiar with and you likely have a ton of their swaddles in your home.  We always did and still have them around for the girls to play with their babies.  We brought them to the hospital, took the girl’s pictures in them, and for the first year of their lives, I never left the house without one of them.

Their swaddles are the best.  Period.

When aden + anais contacted me about sending some of their new diapers, I was a little suspicious.  How would this clothing company tackle the world of diapers?  Yes, their prints are cute but will they actually work?

Needless to say, I wasn’t totally open minded but we can always use extra diapers for Miss Poppy so why not?!


[Find Miss Poppy’s poppy jammies HERE!]


So, I opened the package aden + anais sent and was SO excited to see that their disposable diapers came in a poppy print – and they sent 140 of them in her size!

We have been using them for several days now and they aren’t just a pretty print.

These diapers are super absorbent, fit well, and they don’t leak!  Poppy is typically a heavy wetter at night and these diapers do the trick to keep her dry as a bone in the AM.

She wakes up a happy baby & a dry baby in these diapers so I am MORE than pleased!


[Find this cute print HERE]


[If you are a Pampers lover or loyal to Huggies, try out these cute AND absorbent diapers to switch it up.  They are super cute – I am obsessed with THESE and THESE and they really work well!  When you’re ordering them HERE – make sure you pick up a few of their swaddles too…you won’t regret it!




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