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This past week was absolute nuts.  Both of the girls had a stomach bug, Bea’s liver numbers were crazy and we had more visits to Childrens for BOTH girls than we’ve had in a long time 🙁  Not fun.  Luckily, Bea’s numbers are trending down (we have labs again tonight) and Poppy is scheduled to get her tubes on Friday ***total reminder that I need to find her a gown!***

I have to say that although both girls were battling a little GI bug, they were happy as clams.  I honestly feel so lucky that their attitudes have been pretty good – kids are so resilient!

Anywho – here is a peek into my week!

[Anyone else excited for summer shoe season?  I bought these heels from Soho in Cincinnati but if you’re out of town, find them HERE or this option HERE!]


[I have also been loving a few new pairs of statement earrings.  Find the ones I am wearing below HERE and other ones I love HERE HERE and HERE!]


[Miss Bea needed a hair cut BADLY and after looking at this pic, she needs to stop growing.  Not seriously because she did go through a time when she literally stopped growing, but you know what I mean!]


[A little check up with Dr Campbell makes us all breathe a little easier.  And Bea loves doing check ups on about anyone and anything….]


[I took Poppy into Cincinnati Children’s this week to get evaluated for tubes.  Her ears have been bothering her SO much and she has had so many ear infections.  Luckily, we are able to get everything fixed.  Not so lucky – she fell and busted her lip in the doctor’s office – – – – which was TOTALLY my fault!  She was crazy climbing on everything in sight and I looked away for one second and she fell…of course]


[Thursday/Friday nap ritual of Bea singing to Poppy before bed.  Matching outfits from The Spotted Goose in Oakley]


[Girl’s night out with my sisters on Friday night.  We had an early date where we went to Karen Rolfe’s gallery open house and then headed to A Tavola for dinner.  Home by 8:30pm and in bed by 9pm.  Best.night.ever.]


[How gorgeous is this painting?!  And it’s called Poppy Land!]


[Jordan was out of town all weekend so I was holding down the fort.  Luckily, my best friend tagged along Saturday while we went to Barre3 in Mariemont and then headed to the Dance Coalition for Bea’s dance class.]


[These blue eyes kill me]


[Sometimes I opt not to try and put Bea down for a nap and, instead, let her get in bed with me and we lay down together for a little.  A part of me feels guilty because I really should try and get her to nap, the other part reminds myself that life is too short and to hold her as long as I can!]


[Sunday Skyline date and ended with melted York peppermint patties on the way home]





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