how to wave your hair


I’m constantly asked how I wave my hair so I thought it was finally time to do a tutorial.  I’d be lying if I said I feel totally not awkward about the whole thing but whatever – I hope it’s helpful to some of you!

First, you need a curling wand.  The one I use is HERE and I love it because there are several different size barrels that can pop in and out of it.  Very versatile.

Secondly, I walk through all of the products in the actual video but wanted to be sure I linked them here too.

When I get out of the shower, but before I brush my hair, I use THIS Aveda damage control.  I find that it really helps me de-tangle.  After I brush it through, I have been using THIS to help control the static.

When I am ready to start waving, I spray my hair with THIS hairspray.  Once I am finished and brush out the waves, I use THIS all over and then THIS at my crown to help give some lift!


Here is my stick straight hair before…..


And here is my tutorial!  Don’t you love the thumbnail I chose?! 🙂

And after!



Good luck!



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