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I am so sorry for the brief hiatus from the blog.  I received some really sad news last week that my Grandma passed away (my Dad’s mom).  She has been in assisted living for a few years and has been in and out of the hospital over the last several weeks.  She was a great and strong woman so seeing her health fail while her mind was still sharp was hard to watch.  It’s so sad to say but I know she is happy where she is right now – with her husband and her son.

Overall, the week was really hard – obviously because of losing Grandma but it really triggered major sadness about Dad (as you can imagine).  It was the first funeral I’ve sat through (I had attempted one other one but had to leave) since Dad’s and being with his siblings just made me miss him so deeply.

Although difficult, it was really nice being with family.  We traveled to Wadsworth, Ohio for the visitation and funeral and spent a lot of time with Dad’s siblings, in-laws, our cousins, and one of Dad’s aunts that I just love to chat with.  Thankfully, one of my best friends lives close to Wadsworth so she was a welcomed familiar face and one great thing that happened – one of my Dad’s childhood friends came and introduced himself as Dad’s best friend growing up.  Dad was even his best man at his wedding – it brings so much comfort to hear stories or just people talking about Dad.

Overall, the week was a hectic one (big shout out to my amazingly helpful in-laws who took the girls while we traveled for the services) – and emotionally charged one but I’m definitely finding comfort knowing that my Grandma is with the people she loves most.

And before moving on, I also want to recognize what lifted me up most over the last week were friends and family reaching out. Some knew and had met my grandma over the last several years – some never had the chance but they all acknowledged how difficult this past week was for my mom, sisters, and myself and were thoughtful and kind in thinking to send a text, email, or call. One of the many things I’ve learned during this grieving process is to always reach out on significant dates and times when someone could be missing their loved one more than normal.  I wasn’t someone who did this before but am now realizing the significance.

So, thank you for being so kind and considerate.



On a brighter note, I was  ready to feel lighter and happier after a week of having a heavy heart so we came home and took Bea to her Friday night soccer league.  It was a breath of fresh air  – see the below highlight from the last couple of weeks.


[Miss Bea insisted on picking some flowers for her teacher.  She did NOT insist on having her picture taken but was a great sport (as always :)) ]


[If you follow along on Instagram – I posted these beauties on my story a couple of weeks ago and got a zillion questions on where they are from!  Find these statement-making earrings HERE HERE and and similar HERE]


[I sported the below pair for our Spring family photos with KortneeKate.  The shoot was so fun and thankfully, it was so nice out!]


[And a couple of weekends ago I went to Naples to celebrate one of my best friends from college!  She’s getting married in June to an incredible guy and it was so nice hanging oceanside cheersing to her all weekend long!]

[Find her sunnies HERE]


[Loving this hat, sunnies, and coverup!  Perfect for a day in the sun!]


[It was a fabulous weekend but was happy to get home to the babes 🙂  I bribed Miss Bea with a little cookie from our favorite spot – the BonBonerie!]


[and Miss Poppy is officially 1.5 years old.  I can hardly believe it – time has flown with this babe.  She is so chatty, can count to three, and is super sassy.  The best.]


[Lab draw for Miss Bea last week – liver numbers looked good but EBV is back up to 250,000 – super super high.  Labs again in 2 weeks to see if they are going up or stabilizing – prayers for positive results.]


[And soccer on Friday nights has been a huge hit – so fun especially since it’s been so nice out. Perfect activity for fresh air and getting them worn out!]




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