Let me talk to you about a mom game changer – the backpack.  Some of you have been talking about these and using them for awhile to carry all things kid related – but I have held off.  I love my purse and with one potty trained, it’s not like I have a ton to carry around.  However, as Poppy gets older and becomes more independent, it isn’t so easy to just hold one by the hand and the other on the hip.

Now, they both want a hand which means I need to be hands free.

So – I decided to start my hunt.

I came across a ton of great backpacks – some big, some little, some in cute colors, some just in black.  I was all over the map when trying to figure out the best fit for me.

Then, I was in a Cincinnati Children’s meeting and a girl I know walked in with the perfect one.  It was a great color leather, perfect size, and was versatile on the ways you could carry it.

Find it HERE and my sunglasses HERE.


Other great things about this backpack…

  1.  In addition to the leather color above, it comes in a black leather and red leather
  2. You can Amazon Prime it.
  3. It’s under $75


Find my new fave backpack HERE and a couple other options I love below!

LOVE this Longchamp backpack and it comes in a variety of colors.  I always feel like their stuff is super durable and the outside is easy to wipe and keep clean.  Find it HERE!


Here is the Freshly Picked backpack.  I always knew them as a company that makes cute baby moccasins but when I saw their backpack, it made total sense since they deal with moms all the time!  It comes in a variety of colors (in addition to the ones seen below) and the size seems perfect.  Check them out HERE!



Happy shopping!



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