3rd LIVERversary


I am recovering from being out of town for what felt like forever but just had to get a post out there today about our giant milestone.

On Saturday, 7/7, we celebrated Bea’s 3rd LIVERversary.

Even typing that has me welling up – HOW has it already been 3 years since that day?!


I haven’t given an update on Bea’s health recently and it’s really because she has been doing so well – there hasn’t been much to report.  Her EBV has been low (fingers crossed), we weaned her off of the medication that was helping to keep it low and it remains low.  She is still taking her immunosuppressants and because of dosage is low, we have been lenient about her pool activity.

She has a big appointment on Friday – lab work, meeting with Dr Campbell and an ultrasound to look at her liver.  We are really hoping things look good inside because the view from outside is amazing.


Thank you all so much for helping us reach this incredible milestone.  It is truly because of all the thoughts, prayers, and good vibes that Bea is a THRIVING three and a half year old who is now taller than most of her peers.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at her and appreciate the miracle that we have living in our home and I am becoming more appreciative that while we are handling her care here, Dad is handling her care up there.




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