our home

Jordan and I moved in together after getting married to a 2 family we owned on Ault View Avenue.  We lived there for about a year and a half and then moved to Grandin.

I loved Ault View but was definitely ready to start a home together.  We got engaged on the porch of Ault View, I learned how to live with a boy at Ault View, and we got Bear at Ault View.  I loved that house but leaving it was more exciting that it was upsetting.

Leaving Grandin is so different.

Although very excited for this next chapter, I can’t help but be sad about leaving behind so many memories at this house.  They weren’t all great – but they were all significant and life altering.

We got the call about Bea at Grandin.  We set up her nursery like a hospital room at this house.  We spent almost 365 days raising her inside at Grandin.  I cried myself to sleep the night we heard about my Dad at Grandin.  I had my first panic attack while dealing with his death at this house.

We also brought home our babies to this house.  I can still see my dad knocking on our dutch door in his tux after ditching a party to hang out with me at this house.  We found out I was a match at this house.  We realized how it felt to be normal parents after having Poppy at this house.  Our girls survived, thrived, and started a genuine friendship between them at this house.

Like many homes, there just have been so many significant events at this house that makes it so hard to leave.  It almost feels like you’re leaving a part of your life behind – and with that, certain reminders of those memories.  And no matter how good or bad those memories were, moving makes them feel further and makes the people feel further.

Like I said, the good memories make me want to stay.  The not so great ones make me ready to start somewhere new.  This home has given us so much over the last 4+ years and I feel so fortunate to have grown our family here.




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