I am so sorry it has taken me forever to post something.  It has been a whirlwind.

As you know, Jordan and I started some construction on a house we purchased in May.  While our project was taking place, we sold our house and began renting it back from the people who purchased it.

Last week, we officially made the move into the new house and while construction wasn’t completely finished – it was finished enough for us to move in.

And WOW!  I’ve had smaller moved 2 times before (where movers weren’t required) so this was my first real big move.  I feel like I have been living in chaos for a month – packing up my old house over a couple of weeks, not being able to find anything I need, making the transition to the new house, begin the unpacking process, still not able to find anything I need….etc.

I am definitely still unpacking and organizing and just getting settled but I already feel 1,000 times better than I did last week.  There are still projects that are getting completed around the house (kitchen backsplash, laundry room floor, painting the mud room) but when all of that is complete – then I will feel TRULY settled.

SO – I apologize for the lack of blog content – things have been nutty.  Make sure to follow along on my instagram story (@hillarykweidner) for more day-to-day updates and content and I PROMISE to be back next week with more posts!




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