back to school

It’s so hard to believe that kids are starting back to school already.  Am I the only one that thinks this summer was the quickest one yet?  It could be because we’ve had so much going on but I feel like we barely spent any time at the pool (which to me = summer).

Anywho, both of the girls are starting school this year and are going to a new preschool – one that is right down the street!  Since it’s new to us, I sat down with Bea’s teachers this week to talk through her background and health challenges.  I was FLOORED by the responsiveness of the team and their willingness to meet with me before Parent Orientation so that we could all get on the same page on insuring Bea has a healthy year.  It made me feel comforted that they were so invested in her success and solidified my decision to send her there.

Bea’s first day is the first week of September and Poppy will be following her there after her 2nd birthday in October.  We were up in the air on whether to send Poppy so young but she is counting to ten and saying her ABCs sooooo we felt like she was ready 🙂

SO – now that the girls are getting ready to start school, I did a little e-commerce shopping to get their wardrobe “school ready”.  Here are some things I picked up for the girls at Boden!

THIS Dress


THIS Dress


THIS Dress


THIS Dress


THIS Dress







Happy shopping!


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