peek into my week


So, I’m still feeling pretty overwhelmed with getting settled in at the new house and I can’t even believe it but Bea starts preschool next week – AH!  Here is a little highlight from this past week…


[Looking so grown up post rub-a-dub-dub]




[We had a great day at the pool last week and it was EMPTY because so many kids started back at school.  It was the first time ever where I actually felt like I could relax while the two of them played together!]


[My almost 2 year old (in less than 2 months!]


[And Jordan was out of town so as soon as he came home we jumped right into a family day.  It was the best.  The zoo in the morning, Findlay Market afterwards and then grabbed lunch, stopped into a candy store, and headed home so EVERYONE could take a nap :)]


[And Sunday night we made an amazing dinner with the salmon Jordan caught in Alaska – it was delish!]


[And post dinner we headed out to “pappy’s tree” where he so kindly left them dessert 🙂 ]




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