So, I am so excited to share that my older sister had her third baby – a GIRL!

Paige Kelly Kennedy

She is an absolute doll and is already so loved by all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, two older brothers, parents, and countless others.  She is the sweetest little thing and I am just so excited she joined the family.

On another note, I am also just having an overly emotional week!  With the birth of baby Paige, I am just reminded how incredibly lucky I am to have my sisters.

Growing up, we would all go through our times of getting along, fighting, getting along, fighting, fighting, and fighting.  As I am just SLIGHTLY starting to realize (oh yes, I am prepared for it to get worse) I can’t imagine how hard it was to raise 3 girls under one roof.  Everyone gets along great one minute and then someone finds out that someone took something out of their closet without asking and then no one speaks for a week.  I can only imagine what we put our poor parents through 🙂

Like all siblings, that stuff is normal.  You have each other around and honestly, you take it for granted.  I’ve never truly realized how lucky I am to have those two women in the picture below until I realized that I don’t just like having them around, I NEED them.



I need them in a way that is so different than needing anything else.  And I think I’ve always loved being around them but since everything with Dad, I just need to be around them.  I feel better, I feel closer to Dad, and I feel more at ease just being with them

A perfect example actually just happened today.  I woke up thinking about Dad (like I do every day) but on my drive to work I typically am able to focus on the good stuff.  Good memories, good conversations, his hugs, his company, and I talk to him.  Today was different.

Mondays are hard anyways but a rainy Monday always makes me think of that day I got the news.  Walking into my building lobby where Jordan told me what happened and then into the conference room for my Monday morning meeting where Jordan originally called me to tell me to meet him in the lobby.

It was all just too much today and I started crying and just couldn’t stop.  For those that have experienced a major loss, when the tears start, it’s almost impossible to get them to stop. I had to leave mid meeting, try and collect myself in the restroom but nothing could make me stop crying.  I just miss him and the realization that he is no longer a phone call away is unexplainable.

So, I was able to continue on with my day but had this constant feeling of wanting to burst into tears.  After my last meeting of the day, I was in the mood to get into something cozy and make soup so I stopped at the grocery on my way home.

And who was standing by the deli but….my sister.  The perfect person that I needed to see during such a hard day.  It was like Dad was saying “I can’t physically be there to help but here is one of your next best people.”

I know Dad always loved how close us girls were but I am beyond confident he is beaming with pride as we welcome Miss Paige to our girl squad.

The sisterhood bond is strong and we are so happy to have another member.



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