weekly wears


I am doing my best to get back into the swing of things!  So with that, check out my weekly wears below 🙂

[One of my best friends, Teddy, got tickets for our other best friend Meggie, her daughter, Bea and I to this princess tea downtown at the carousel.   It was THE cutest and the girls were totally starstruck by their favorite princesses!]


[We then took them to see Superman put on by the Children’s Theatre in Cincinnati.  If you live in Cincinnati and want something fun to do with your kids, get season tickets.  It is so fun to get dressed up and take them to something special.  And, surprisingly, Poppy (who is not quite two) even sat through the whole thing.  Every time the stage went black for scene changes she would yell “WHAT’S HAPPENING” – it was cute and we had a great time as a family!]


[Hyde Park Country Club doesn’t the cutest thing – a family campout.  You bring your tent, sleeping bags, etc and set up on the golf course.  They have dinner, games, fire pit, and even breakfast in the morning.  Instead of camping out for the Weidners, we visited our sweet nephew/cousin who was jazzed about the night ahead!]


[I also HAVE to share the sweetest school photos.  You guys.  I screamed when I saw these because they are just so funny and so…them! I’m so excited to get our copies!]


[My favorite Fall obsession in my closet right now!  Find them HERE]


[Can’t believe my littlest pumpkin is almost two!]


[And we finally hung up some wall decor in our family room and I am LOVING it!  Thanks to a friend for the inspo!]


[And this is so so important I need to share.  Please consider getting the flu shot.  No, you won’t get the flu by getting the shot, and yes – it may sting.  But it will keep you safe, your family safe, and those around you who may have a fragile immune system safe.]




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