we are expecting (again)

It is with much excitement and love that I share that Jordan, Beatrice, Poppy and I are expecting a new addition to our family in April 2019!

Looking back on the post I did when we announced being pregnant with Poppy (HERE), a lot of the same emotions remain.

We started out our journey as parents in a way that I hope no other family has to (although, unfortunately, it happens too regularly).  Having to go through an 8 hour surgery on our 10 week old baby and then work towards a liver transplant and isolation for 1 year afterwards – our experience into parenthood was more than abnormal.

However, the deep deep love you feel caring for a child that is your own is something that all parents experience no matter the situation – our love was dedication was just tested a little in that first year and we are all better for it.

We made a conscious decision to continue growing our family despite what could lie ahead and we never looked back.  Penelope “Poppy” Kelly Weidner was a breath of fresh air from the minute she was born.  She help stabilize our family and normalized our home.

Having two girls was ideal to me – best friends, playmates – girls were all I’d ever known.  However, I still felt like there was room in our hearts for one more and we couldn’t be more excited!

So, you may be wondering a couple of things…

Is biliary atresia likely to happen again in your family?  The answer is that this is extremely extremely unlikely- however still possible. Jordan and I have discussed this at length and despite the tiny risk, it wasn’t enough to stop us from having another child.  We feel strongly that whatever is thrown our way, we have developed a strong team within our home and within the hospital that can take on whatever challenges come our way.  Something we didn’t do with Bea but we DID do with Poppy was have a special test run when she was born which confirmed she did not have any liver issues.  We will be doing the same thing when this baby is born.

Are you going to find out boy or girl?  We did not find out with Bea or Poppy and I actually desperately want to know this time around.  Although I’d be happy with either (just healthy. healthy, healthy, healthy please), I think having a girl would be easier for us at this point – keep the pink train going.  BUT, as badly as I want to know – we are going to wait it out until the delivery room.

So, continue following along this crazy journey of juggling motherhood, work, a love for clothing and fashion and toss some prayers our way when you think of it.  We appreciate all of the love and support and are excited to introduce you to our baby in April.













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