happy birthday, poppy

This has been a big week for our little girl – first day of school and her second birthday. I can hardly believe we have a 2 year old!

Poppy Girl,

Happiest of birthdays to the light of our life.

You have meant more to me than you’ll know even before you were born.  I was 6 months pregnant with you when I found out about Dad.  When my whole world was falling apart, you were a constant reminder that joy can exist even in the darkest of times.  I never felt completely alone because you were always with me.  There is no one on this planet that will know everything I went through those few months of grief besides you and I am so lucky you were there to help me through it all.

You were born a healthy, and happy baby  You stabilized and normalized our family.  We learned what it was like to deal with “normal” baby things and got to experience parenthood the way all parents should – without trip after trip to the hospital.

You lifted the spirits in our home and continue to.  “Where’s my Beazy?”‘ is the first thing you say when you wake up in the morning and asking to give her a “squeezy hug” is the last thing you want to do before bed.  You love her and she loves you back….a lot.  You two are so lucky to have each other.

You are so chatty, funny, have a little attitude, and are very loving.  You are our Poppy girl and we are so blessed to have you as ours.

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