merry christmas

Merry Christmas Eve 🙂  This Christmas season has been an especially sweet one as the girls have totally grasped the concept of Santa and all things related to giving during the holiday season.  It is so sweet to see the holidays through their eyes. I hope you all are experiencing the same.

I also want to acknowledge those that are struggling with experiencing their first, second, or 40th holiday without someone they love most.  This will be our third Christmas without Dad and, quit frankly, it’s still hard to even wrap my mind around.  I finally feel out of the blur of just going through the motions of holidays and have let myself really enjoy this year – despite the giant loss. It is definitely bittersweet – the feeling of happiness and gratefulness to be with the girls, Jordan, and the rest of my family but also knowing it is in the back (or mostly likely front) of everyone’s minds that Dad made everything better and more fun.  And we are missing that.

But you know what makes it a little easier?  Hearing his name, incorporating him into new traditions, and the thoughtfulness of friends who acknowledged we are missing him during this Christmas.

SO – I could write on and on about Dad and all that we are going through with missing him but my main point is that if you are going through this Christmas without “your person” – I am thinking and praying for you.  If this is your first, the second will be better.  If it’s your second year, your next one will get less teary.  While I don’t think the intense longing for them will ever go away, I do think that it gets a little easier.

The past two years I felt like I was trying to survive the holidays – this year I am enjoying them and I hope you are too.  Be grateful.  Be merry.  And tell those around you that you love them.

Merry Christmas from the barn 🙂


Hillary, Jordan, Beatrice, Poppy, and Baby #3 arriving in April



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