happy birthday, beatrice.

My almost Christmas baby.

How in the world are you turning four today?  How?  It seems like yesterday that you were a teeny tiny little baby that we were so scared to bring home from the hospital.  Being our first, I remember so vividly how slowly your Dad drove home from the hospital.  I sat in the back seat with you and we CRAWLED our way back to Grandin Road – so afraid of upsetting you along the way.

Little did we know that a bumpy car ride was the least of our concerns and you, in fact, could handle so much more.

You have proven to us, over the last 4 years, how strong you are.  You are the definition of resilient.  You have such a tender heart.  You are overly cautious.  You are a diligent listener.  And you love to please your parents and make those around you happy.

You are loved.

This past year has been a healthy one for you.  You have stayed out of the hospital and have only visited CCHMC for regular check up and blood draws.  You moved into a new home, into a new bedroom, and started at a new school.  Your teachers call you a bright light in their day and you seem to think you are friends with everyone at school.

We love you just the way you are and wouldn’t change a thing about the last 4 years.  You have brought us closer and have made us appreciate even the small things so much more.

We are beyond grateful that you are ours.




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