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I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend – I certainly did 🙂  Jordan and I were able to get out of town one last time before baby #3 arrives and it was just the recharge we needed.

If you follow along on my Instagram stories (@hillarykweidner), you know that I had a BIG week last week getting our play room organized.  I am in full nesting mode and feel the need to get everything put away, washed and ready before this baby comes.  I still have 11 weeks so PLENTY of time but it just makes me feel good to get things crossed off the list.

SO – our house doesn’t have a basement so the main play area for the kids is right off of the mudroom.  It is a more casual family room and has the perfect set up for toys and lounging.  The only issue is – when the mess is out – anyone who pops over is privy.

Since we officially moved in August, we tried to just put stuff away in the built ins but there was really no rhyme or reason.  I kept feeling like I would take the time to organize it myself but the task just seemed overly daunting – hence why I looped in reinforcements 😉


Simplify in Style is a small business that is owned by a young Cincinnati mom named Danielle.  Danielle and her team specialize in organization and moving services and seemed like the perfect fit to help me with this playroom!

Danielle and I chatted and she popped over one afternoon for a free consultation.  I’m serious, you guys – CALL her for this free consultation.  I learned so much and she was very open about the space and had immediate ideas of what we could do to whip it into shape!


It was only a week or so later that she scheduled to come back to set the space up.  Her team typically assists in sorting, purging, and organizing the space as a whole but I really felt strongly that I needed to go through all of this stuff and figure out what could be tossed, donated, and kept.  If ANY of you reading this have kids – you know how hard this task is with little sticky fingers running around.  They wanted every toy I pulled out even though they hadn’t seen it in MONTHS and it seemed I was making more of a mess than I was cleaning up.


All in all, it took me a few hours to go through everything and start the sorting process.


Danielle and her team came last week and picked up my slack.  They took everything I had sorted and pulled it out, re-sorted, and started categorizing from there.  Danielle purchased all of the bins, supplies, and labels, and by the time I got home from work – it was completely arranged and organized.

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Danielle made this extremely easy and, dare I say it, FUN.  She really helped craft a space that is super organized but functional.  Everything is labeled so it all has a place during clean up – and we can rotate toys in and out based on what bin we want to play with that day.


SO – if you are moving or just need help cleaning up your closet, pantry, bathroom drawers, kitchen, garage….anything….you are in great hands with Simplify in Style.

We are so grateful for this partnership as it led to a much more FUN environment and is a great lesson in teaching the girls that everything has a “home” and how to clean up accordingly!



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