it’s been almost 4 months…

I woke up this morning wanting to blog.  I haven’t had that desire in the last 4 months!

There has been so much craziness over the last several months I don’t know where to even begin.  If you follow along on Instagram (@hillarykweidner) and follow my Instagram stories, you are likely vvvvv up to date on my life.  If not, here are the cliffsnotes….

  1.  Last post was February 7th which was my 33rd birthday
  2. After that, and being so pregnant and dealing with 2 little girls, still working, volunteering, etc – I lost the time and motivation to blog.  Not intentionally, it just faded away from my normal list of things to get accomplished.
  3. I got really sick.  Right before Louise was born, Jordan was out of town and I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well.  Just a headache but I had a glass of wine the night before so thought nothing of it.  Went to work, and headed home around 1pm to get into bed and jus rest before I took on night time duty alone.  I woke up at 430pm, still not feeling well and my mom encouraged me to call my OBGYN.  They said that I should get checked out by my general practitioner who was out on medical leave so they then told me to pop into urgent care.  My mom came to pick me up and thinking this would be a quick stop (again, wasn’t feeling THAT bad), I only wore my PJs, slippers, and put my ID and a credit card into my coat pocket.  Arrive at Urgent Care, seen by the doc, and then told they needed to order me an ambulance and rush me to the hospital because I had Influenza A (or B…I can’t remember), and my heart rate was WAY too high. I refused the ambulance because I still didn’t feel that bad but the doctor fought me on it and finally said that if we promised to go straight to the ER than she would let me.  We arrive at the ER and they are waiting for me (the doctor who I saw at Urgent Care had already called twice to make sure I made it there) and they started monitoring the baby, pumping me with fluids and running additional tests.  They also found pneumonia.
  4. Sorry this is so long.
  5. I ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days and the goal for those 3 days was to keep the baby inside.  I was like 33 weeks. Luckily, they caught everything and after getting fluids, monitored, medication, etc the baby’s heart rate went back to normal and I was able to rest at home.
  6. Then, the onset of Cholestasis.  They think being so sick triggered Cholestatsis – which is basically when you have a build up of bile inside your body and you can’t stop itching.  Your whole body itches and there isn’t anything there – it’s like a total mind game.  And this may sound like not a big deal but when you feel like bugs are crawling all over your skin 24/7 – you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, you have bruises all over your body from itching, and you are legit going crazy.  If you do get Cholestatsis you typically only have it a day or two before they decide to just deliver the baby.  I had it 2 days with Poppy and then delivered her at 39.5 weeks.  I can honestly say it was the most physically uncomfortable 2 days of my life. This time, I was 34 weeks with no option to deliver early.
  7. It became so bad and I was bruised from head to toe from itching (and it can actually be harmful for the baby) that they sent me to the hospital for indepth tests on the baby, steroid shots to help develop the lungs and I delivered her at 36ish weeks.
  8. We added a third girl to our #girlgang.  Louise Kelly Weidner was born at 8am on March 19th.  A healthy 7lbs 2oz dark haired and blue eyed baby who has been a complete joy ever since.



So, here we are today.  Louise is 11 weeks and these are my last several days of maternity leave.  It has totally flown.  Like beyond flown by but I have definitely tried my best to soak in ever ounce of her.

Over the next several weeks I plan to do a few posts about fun summer clothing I have purchased recently, Bea’s health status and a challenging decision we have ahead for her, the 3rd anniversary of losing Dad, and all things baby and kid related.  Check back here when you can and, in the meantime, follow along on Instagram (@hillarykweidner).




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