baby essentials

So, I went into this pregnancy not thinking I wasn’t going to purchase much.  This is our third and we weren’t sure of gender but felt prepared if it was a girl.   If it was a boy – well, he would just be in pink the first few weeks 🙂

I ended up purchasing a few items that after having, I can’t imagine life without.  If you are going to be a first time mom or about to have your second or third – you need to consider these.

Baby Brezza.  Find it HERE.  If your baby is formula fed from the beginning or you decide 4 weeks into nursing that it isn’t for you – this thing is a game changer.  The best way to describe this is that it’s like a Kurig for baby bottles.  You can program what temp you want the bottle (warm, hot, or room temp) and how many ounces you want.  You hit one button and 10 seconds later you are feeding your baby without having to open your eyes at 2am.

I keep this in my room and it makes those overnight feeds so much easier.




Cushion seat.  Find it HERE. I am obsessed with this thing and it was a top from a friend.  We sit Lulu in this seat and move her everywhere – kitchen counter, on the sofa, outside on the coffee table, etc.  She is super cozy in it and is propped up enough that it helps with her acid reflux too.


Stroller fan.  Find it HERE.  Absolutely love this one (as opposed to a clip on one I used to own).  It is so flexible and can fit with whatever or wherever you want to put it.  And it’s Amazon Prime.  🙂



Baby play mat.  Find it HERE  I love this.   We had one at our old house but we ended up pitching it because the girls destroyed it.  This play mat is SO cute and the print is perfect with our blue and white theme.  It almost looks like a rug and it is super durable.  Great for your kids to play on while still keeping a cute look to your play room or family room.

(Below is not my babe 🙂 I borrows this photo from Amazon)



Carseat cover.  Find it HERE  I get stopped so much asking about this thing.  It is a jersey knit cover for your carseat that drapes over.  I love it because I feel like it keeps Lulu shaded, keeps it dark if I am trying to get her to sleep, and keeps people from poking their hands in and touching her (definitely more concerned about this was she was tiny).


Solly wrap.  Find it HERE.  Lulu lived in this thing when she was a tiny baby (she is still only 11 weeks but definitely much heavier!).  I loved being able to take her out of her carseat and bring her into church with me all wrapped up or to run errands.  You feel so cozy with them in there and a lot more nimble (especially when you have to keep your hands free for your two other littles).



Happy shopping!


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