we had a good run

Ah. Today is my first day back to work after 12 incredible weeks home with my three girls.  Heaven.  There is no better word to describe what the last 12 weeks have been like.  Being able to spend SO much one-on-one time with Louise while the girls continued on their normal routine (school, our nanny, activities, etc) and also sneaking special one-on-one time with the older two.

Typically a busy person, I promised myself to embrace days of laying in bed just holding this sweet new baby.  To soak her in – every day, every breath, every bottle.

And I did.

I feel so overwhelmingly grateful to have a job that allowed me time at home that it makes going back a little easier.  But, I’m not going to lie – looking at these pics makes me want to get back in bed and hold all three of my babies.





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