LIVERversary – year #4


We are back to reality over here after a week+ of Florida sun and ocean breeze in our favorite spot – Longboat Key.  It was an incredible trip and I can’t wait to do a post about it.

In the meantime – today is a big day.  HUGE day.

Today, 7/7 marks 4 years post liver transplant for our Beatrice.

When looking back at photos from that day, I can hardly believe we went through all of that.  The surgery, the waiting, the recovery, the outcome – all of it was unknown and frightening but we had no choice.

If you’ve read my last post – you know that Bea is doing phenomenally well.  We are starting her vaccinations on Thursday and from the outside AND inside – Bea is a healthy 4.5 year old.

Beatrice – your Dad and I are so proud of you.  You are THE kindest, sweetest, and most loving person I have ever known in my entire life.  You exude strength and I can’t imagine a world without you in it.  And thanks to your doctors and nurses at CCHMC, your family and friends, your guardian angel – I won’t have to.  We love you so deeply.

[My Dad took this picture the morning of her surgery.  While Jordan was taking me back to get prepped, we needed someone with Bea starting at 5am.  He was our immediate choice and was so honored to be with her.]


[1 year post transplant]


[2 years post transplant]


[3 years post transplant]


[4 years post transplant]


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