happy birthday, poppy girl

My middle is three – how did that happen?!  I am forever blessed to have this spunky middle girl and am so blessed to be her mom.  A little note for Miss Poppy and details on the chocolate confetti cake I made for her birthday.


What a joy you are in our home.  Deciding to have another child was somewhat risky to us and we were unsure of what the health of our second baby would be.  We were VERY sure, however, that our family wasn’t complete and we had so much room in our hearts for another child.  We were worried, but were confident and excited.

Being pregnant with you is something I will never forget and will be forever grateful for.  You were my joy in darkness and my reminder that a deep love can still exist when the person is not right in front of you.  You felt everything right along side of me those 3 months after Dad passed and I am so thankful for it.

When you were born – you lightened our household.  Yes, you had colic, but you showed us what “normal” baby things were like.  We were in constant awe of you as you grew healthily and happily.

Over the last three years you have amazed us with your humor, intellect, and heart.  You make us laugh to the point of tears and challenge us.  You absolutely adore your sisters and they – you.

We love you, Poppy girl, and are so blessed to have you as ours.



Choc Cake

When I showed up to Sunday night dinner to celebrate my nephew, Grant, and Poppy’s birthday my mom complimented my cake and then politely asked me how many boxes it took to mkae a 5 tiered cake.

I was so offended that she didn’t think I made it from scratch!

And then I told her 3 – haha.

The truth is – I went to Kroger and had everything I needed to make a 5 tier chocolate cake from scratch and then decided

who has time for that?!

So, I purchased 3 boxes of cake mix – a ton of icing and sprinkles and headed home.

Here are my tips for the cake…

  1. DO NOT make a 5 tiered cake unless you’re feeding 50 people.  We had so much left over – basically 11/12 of the cake.
  2. Follow the directions on the cake box
  3. Layer your cake and put icing between layers
  4. LEAVE OFF the top layer
  5. Take an empty paper towel holder and stick through the middle of the cake.  Remove the excess cake and fill with candies, sprinkes, etc.  I used a hodge podge of what I had around the house and what I bought at Kroger – it was perfect.
  6. Put the top layer on and ice around the entire cake
  7. Sprinkles everywhere
  8. 70686F7F-2B2D-4162-98D0-E9F1E2D3082FIMG_5750IMG_5784IMG_5786

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