LIVERversary – year #5

Where do I even begin?

If you were to tell me 5 years ago that I would have just tucked my three healthy little girls into their beds I would have thought you were crazy.  How would that even be possible when I was working my hardest to keep our 6 month old daughter alive?

5 years ago at 7:00am I had just said goodbye and good luck to our sweet baby Bea.  Jordan was about to roll me back for surgery and Dad was sitting with Bea as the nurses and doctors prepped her to receive her new (or we like to say “pre owned) liver.

Thinking back to that time seems so surreal.  For months prior, we were living minute by minute monitoring her health, her decline in health, her test results, and her medications.  We were filled with worry, fear, exhaustion, helplessness and hope.  We were uncertain if our 6 month old would survive such a long and complicated surgery.

5 years later, I wish I could look at that new mom and tell her it will be okay.  More than okay.  I wish I could tell her that 5 years later, her family is thriving.

Her daughter is healthy.  Her daughter is protected…she is fully vaccinated.

She will recover seamlessly from the surgery and go on and have 2 more babies.  And those babies will be healthy.  Her family will be better for going through such a trying time.  She will live in gratitude and a deep pull to give back to all that have given so much to her.

She will cherish the small moments.

She will be happy and although she still worries, she does NOT constantly think of her daughter as a liver transplant recipient. Instead, she thinks of her as a loving big sister, a tender hearted little girl, a joy, and a miracle.

A true blessing.

We don’t know what the next 5 years looks like – or the next 5 months for the matter – but today, we are celebrating our little girl and the incredible gift she is to us all.


We are in awe of you.  Your strength, love, and empathy knows no bounds and I can’t imagine a life without you in it.  And thanks to all of our doctors and nurses at CCHMC, we won’t have to.  We are proud of you, Bea.



It takes the whole family to keep Bea healthy and you provide us all with the best medicine – laughter.  Your patience, love, and funny jokes keeps our family positive and confident.  We love you and are so proud of the little girl you are.  I am lucky to have you as the cream in the oreo.





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