roberta roller rabbit


With pool season quickly approaching, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite companies that just reminds me of summer, the pool, beach, and just beautiful weather!

Roberta Roller Rabbit.

As I travel, I notice more and more boutiques that carry it but locally, my favorite shops to pick it up are Alligator Purse in Hyde Park Square and Gattle’s in Montgomery.

One of my favorite items (as a top OR pool cover-up) is their Sarafina tunic.  It is comfy, has sleeves, and a cute bottom tassel detail.


I recently bought this top from Alligator Purse and am looking forward to wearing with white jeans on the plane to Aspen in June (am I sick that I am already thinking about my outfits?!)  Perfect travel top – comfy and lightweight.


Their kids clothing is also SO cute.  The PJ prints, dresses, etc – I just can’t get enough.  I really thoughtful family friend bought the girls the below PJs when Poppy was born AND bought my mom the matching adult set.  It was such a sweet gift and the PJs have been in major rotation ever since!



I just bought Bea a couple other things with this heart print because I just love it all!


I’m also looking for the perfect pool/beach bag for the summer.  A couple of these are in the running 🙂


Happy shopping!




weekly wears

Happy Monday!

Below are a few highlights from our week!



[Breakfast at Sleepy Bee for my sister’s birthday :)]


[And it was SO weird!  We were sitting there having breakfast and I noticed this table topper on ALL tables had a picture of this tray Jordan & I made at a glass blowing studio in Oakley!  They are using it as promotion because it has bees on it 🙂  Love!]






#lookGfeelG update

A LOT has changed with our hospital gown initiative (in a great way)!  Here are some changes…


Initially, we were identifying families with an extended stay at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and working with the family or someone who nominated them on having hospital gowns made for the child.  I would get very involved with the story, the family and to be honest, it was just too heavy on my heart.  I live with the worry of Bea each day and I found myself also carrying the worry of these other families.  It was hard and although helping out these families individually was what I loved most, I also came to the realization that it may not be good for me.  Worrying about Bea is about as much as I can handle.

A couple of weeks ago I had a confernece call with development and child life at Cincinnati Children’s.  I further explained my idea and told them I wanted to partner on distribution.  They were hesitant at first because we encoutnered a bunch fo hurdles with regulations, laundering the gowns, etc but ultiamtely, we worked together and came up with a solution.

The solution:  Each month we will be dropping off finished hospital gowns for Child Life to distribute to patients that are a good fit.

So how are these gowns being made?

I have packages ready to be sent out to our #SewingSquad as we speak….just waiting on a few patterns and then off they go across the country!  We have over 23 volunteer sewers from all over that are SO kindly donating their time and energy into this project.  They will get a #SewingSquad package with some fun things including garment tags, pink scissors, thread, gold needles, and instructions.  The hope is each volunteer sews about 3 gowns/month in their designated size.  They then ship back to me and I drop off a TON of gowns to CIncinnati Children’s.  CCHMC then launders these gowns and they gift wrap them with our adorable bags, stickers, and handwritten notes.  Then, each Child Life volunteer is notified and they can go pick a gown for a child they have in mind.  A4North (where Bea spent her time) gets first pick of the gowns 🙂


So how do we get the fabric?

Fabric.  This is such a fun part of the process.  Picking it out, choosing colors and designs.  I love this.  So far, people have emailed me at and I have sent them links to fabric that will make great gowns (100% cotton and light weight).  Each gown needs 1.5 yards of fabric so they purchase online (through the link I send to them), and have the fabric shipped directly to me!  We have recieved SO mcuh fabric – it’s amazing!

We’ve also recieved monetary donations that we have used to purchase fabric!  People have been so kind and generous!



The future.

The future of this project is to help scale this at Cincinnati Children’s and then expand to other hospitals.  Down the road I would LOVE corporate sponsors like the Cincinnati Reds to donate money for me to buy Reds fabric for the kids to wear on Opening Day. Or Busken Bakery to help outfit some kids in donut fabric.  Etc etc etc. Right now, we are excited about the path we are on and are really focusing on the flow of working with our #SewingSquad and getting the donates gowns to Cincinnati Children’s.

If you are interested in helping, just let me know ! I can send over links to fabrics for you to purchase or you can help us with the sewing 🙂  Just email me at


The below gown was sewn by a VERY good friend that has been my right hand person when getting all of this stuff together.  Her name is Molly and has a blog of her own, Molly Made It.  She is an incredibly seamstress and finds really unique ways to repurpose old items to make them new, functional and fashionable!

She has so kindly volunteered her time to help cut patterns, write sewing directions, provide feedback and create GORGEOUS gowns herself!  I honestly wouldn’t be able to do all of this without her 🙂  And she’s so incredible talented!  Check one of her gowns out below!