bea & the pool


I feel like I haven’t written a blog post (besides the peek into my week) in awhile!  So, here I am!  Summer has started, the pool has opened, and we had our annual conversation with Dr Campbell about Bea’s limitations in water.

For those that don’t remember (or have just joined me here), because Bea is on a medication that suppresses her immune system, she can get sick a lot easier than most people.  Things hit her harder, she picks things up quicker, etc.  Not just in the pool – anywhere at any time.

One of the first things our doctor told us in the beginning was that when Bea is on her medication, she shouldn’t swim in lakes (bummer, but fine), rivers (totally fine), ponds (even more fine), and public swimming pools (WHAT?!).  I was so shocked by this.

The reason Bea should stay away from those bodies of water is because of water born bacteria and diseases.  Specific to pools – we are talking about giardia and crypto.

Now, some doctors are more lenient than others and it really depends on the pool.  Bea CAN swim in private pools because we know who is swimming there, who is keeping it clean, etc.  We trust that anyone who is sick or has been sick in a week isn’t swimming in that pool unless they tell us.

We belong to a swim club in Hyde Park that JUST put a brand new pool system in with a top-of-the-line filtration system.  We know almost everyone that goes into the pool and they are aware of Bea and her compromised immune system.  It isn’t quite a private pool and in my opinion, it isn’t quite a public pool.

So, like we do every year – we had our annual “pool” conversation with Dr C.  We talked it through with her, assessed the risk, and then Jordan and I met together and came up with our “pool rules” for the summer.

Our decision is that we are having Bea learn how to swim in a private pool setting throughout the summer.  We hired a swim instructor and will teach her how to feel comfortable in the water.  When we go to the pool we belong to, we let her splash, and play and just do everything we can to make sure she isn’t getting water into her mouth (no going under, no drinking water, wash hands before lunch etc).  It isn’t full proof but we are doing our best to let her enjoy summer life but also stay safe.

This is one of the harder things I’ve contemplated as a Mom.  I am assuming risk by letting her play in the pool but if I don’t let her play in the pool, she could become scared of water and not learn how to swim.

SO – say a prayer that this mom and dad made the right decision.  This is the hardest part about parenthood – you never know if what you are doing is right!  But we are confident in the decisions we have made for Bea and are confident in this one too.  Prayers for a healthy summer wouldn’t hurt though, right?! 🙂


***I am also fully aware that our decision may not be the best for other families.  A LOT went into this decision – dosage of medication she’s currently on, her current health, input from her doctors, etc. SO if you have a child on immunosuppressants – chat openly with your doctors

peek into my week

Here is a peek into my week!  And stay tuned this week for a couple additional blog posts – trying to get myself back in the swing of things despite all that is going on!


[Always love when we can do a sister date that includes ice cream :)]


[I popped into Romaldo this week to get fitted for my bespoke blazer – I can’t wait to share the details!  I also went over to Anne Rice – she has the best stuff – before grabbing a quick lunch with Jordan at A Tavola!]


[I gave this mix a try from Trader Joe’s and it DID NOT disappoint!]



[Find Bea’s cute swimsuit HERE]



[I absolutely LIVE in these dresses from SZ Block!  Flowy, sleeves, create prints and COMFY!  Check them out HERE]






[So, our little love bug had her first dance recital this weekend.  The dress rehearsal went great – she got right up there, smiled, gave me a big thumbs up and was awesome.  I loved watching her!  We got her all dressed up and PUMPED for the real performance and took our seats in the second row – center stage.  There were several acts before her and several after her but her 3 minutes on stage will never be forgotten.  She got up there, waved really big, took her spot, and then started crying until we took her off stage.  It was so sad and cute and a million things – I honestly think she just got stage fright. Regardless – she’s three and did a GREAT job!  We were so proud of her for getting up there in front of 150+ people!]



peek into my week

Big week last week!  Can hardly believe it’s officially summer and now that the weather has turned I’m soaking in every second.  See the highlight from the week below 🙂

[My bestie – from Hyde Park Moms – and I went to Mitchell’s for THE most amazing facial.  Seriously.  I have had several facials and this was by far the best I’ve had.  Visit Toby at the Rookwood location.  It was a game-changer to get my skin ready for summer!  And special thanks to Mitchell’s for the night out with Megs!]


[#nofilter and #nomakeup after my facial!]


[I took my besties for ice cream at Graeters]


[Bea had a liver check up with our favorite doctor and all looked GREAT!  We are taking her off of the medication that has been keeping the EBV at bay in the hopes she doesn’t need it any more.  Labs next week to determine if we are good to go without it! Stay tuned!]





[Our great friends set up the cutest free library down the street – the person stop on our walk to the square!]


[A stop into our favorite home decor shop – Quince & Quinn]



[It was a pool weekend!]



[Find Bea’s coverup HERE]