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I get a ton of questions on where I find stuff for around the house and one of my favorite spots is Ballard.  I just ordered a bunch of stuff from their website (see below) with a lot of other items mixed in (also below).  Enjoy!

I love this mat for our screened in porch!  Find it HERE


I also love the look of a plant in a basket but wanted something that wouldn’t get gross when hit with the outdoor elements. I finally found my solution in this cement planter.  Find it HERE.



I have a few of these garden stools around my house too and such a great price point.  Find it HERE.


The pillows in that pic are some of my favorites – find them HERE.


We use these placemats ALL of the time.  So easy and casual.  Find them HERE.


I also LOVE good faux foliage around the house.  Nothing beats fresh but when you are so busy that you’re just looking for the least maintenance option – this is the perfect option.  Find them HERE.


And we purchased this playhouse for the girls right outside our new screened in porch.  Still need to put it together but waiting until after family vacation to get it done!  Find it HERE!

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 10.17.31 PM

under $20


I wanted to share a couple of things my girls are living in that I highly recommend and all are under $20 right now!

Happy Shopping!

The older girls are in camp this summer and to make things easier on myself, I’ve created a “uniform”.  I wanted them in summery dresses with biker shorts underneath and thank goodness Hanna Andersson had exactly what I was looking for.  Below are a few prints that we bought and have in rotation for camp – and by the way, they are $13 right now!  I wish I would have waited to purchase :).  Find them HERE.

[Be prepared for a lot of “shark a doo doo doo” with this dress]

sharl dress


[Love this print too and we also have the red crab print!  I wasn’t kidding – these dresses are on repeat – super high quality and just easy]




[Another one of the Hanna dresses I love and, again, super on sale:  only $16. Find it HERE.]


[Here are some shorts for you to purchase that are easy to toss underneath.  Find them HERE]

[My girls also always love sporting their sunglasses.  Find them HERE.]

FireShot Capture 009 - Toddler Glitter Heart Sunglasses - Gap - www.gap.com

[Another thing the girls are loving recently is sleeping in dresses.  They are obsessed.  I bought a few but my absolute favorite ones are the below from Old Navy.  Find them HERE.]


[Some serious shell searching below :)]


[I also recently purchased them some jelly sandals and they love them!  They continually ask if they can put on their “Cinderella slippers”.  Find the ones we bought HERE].

jelly s




three babes: how we knew

I had a few requests to do this blog post.  How did you know you wanted to have three?

When Bea was born and diagnosed, I thought she would be our only one.  She had medical challenges and, at the time, I couldn’t see past the hospital stays, the several blood draws a week, etc.  This baby of mine needed SO much attention that I didn’t think there was room in my life or my heart for one more.

When Bea was 6 months old we decided that the best thing we could do for our family was to have another baby.  It would create the normalcy we craved and we always wanted more than one.  Yes, the transplant threw us for a major loop but let’s keep it moving and continue on what we wanted before.

SO, when Bea was just a year old (6 months after her transplant), we got pregnant again.  I’ll never forget telling my parents and the sheer shock and worry and joy on their faces.  I was worried too – could I handle it all? But on we pressed and in 2016 we welcomed the spark that is Poppy.


Sisters were perfect for us.  They were immediate buddies and seeing their relationship is great even now – it is so special.  Everything seemed to be just as we hoped – normal, fun, the girls played great together, and it was getting easier.


At first, I thought we were finished.  We were so thrilled to have these two healthy girls and honestly, I felt content.  But that didn’t last long. Like I mentioned earlier, I am 1 of 3 girls so the thought of adding just one more seemed totally doable to me.  And would I be lucky enough to have 3 girls?!

There was no major light bulb moment for me – just a lingering feeling like our family wasn’t complete.  We had a few conversations about it and decided that if it happened for us, we would be blessed.  And, our 3rd night in the new house we found out that we were due in April 2019 with our third baby.


My advice to those of you who are considering having another or adding to your family – if you are thinking of it – do it.  My aunt told me something that has stayed with me always:

You will never regret adding another person to your family.  You’ll only regret it if you don’t.