shopbop sale

If you follow along on Instagram (@hillarykweidner) you know that I’ve been making an effort to take more outfit pictures and post them.  The app, has been EXTREMELY helpful for people to just “like” my photo and they get the outfit and any other things I love straight to their email inbox

***If you dont have the app – download it now!

Recently made a MAJOR change where instead of LIKING my outfit pictures on Instagram, you needed to SCREENSHOT the picture to automatically get my outfit and other things I love straight to your email inbox.

If that seems like too much work – just follow me on the app (under @hillarykweidner) and I will be posting some of my favorite stuff.

In the meantime, I wanted to post a few faves from the shopbop sale.  Use code EVENT18 to get 20%-25% off of your order and hurry to grab some great summer pieces!


I’m loving all of the shades below.  1), 2), 3), 4)


I’m loving all of the dresses below.  1), 2), 3), 4)


I’m loving all of the earrings below.  1), 2), 3), 4)


I’m loving all of the coverups below.  1), 2), 3), 4)




a peek into my week


My “weekly wears” is changing into “a peek into my week” since I am struggling to find time to actually post what I’m wearing!  I promise I will get better 🙂  In the meantime, take a peek!


[The best thing as a mom to get while you’re at work is a pic of your girls acting like besties…]


[The BEAster Bunny]


[We celebrated Easter a week early at my sister’s house since my mom and younger sister were going to be out of town.  It was so fun to break up the celebration.]

[Also, how adult does Bea look in this pic?!?!? Find her jammies HERE]


[The girls absolutely LOVE taking walks down to the end of the street and then climb on these giant rocks that are along our neighbors yard.  When Bea gets up on one she always asks to have her picture taken.  The besssssst]


[My heart & soul]


[One of my oldest and best friends sent the below picture to me from when she came and visited us in the hospital .  Timehop makes me so emotional!  And it’s funny how you look past certain things – in the moment, I NEVER thought she looked that yellow.  It’s only until I look back at pictures am I just so blown away.]


[Dance party with my girls!]


[I was SO thankful that my bestie was back for a few days during Easter break.]


[And the double date is back in action!]


[Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week.  We take Bea to her FAVORITE activity – ballet & tap at The Dance Coalition.  The instructor is super sweet and nice with the girls and it’s just so fun watching them run around and try to follow directions!  I highly recommend checking their studio out – you won’t be disappointed!]


[Find my jacket below HERE]


[And Easter means getting to visit with all of our favorite people while they are in Cincinnati celebrating!]


[My blue eyed boo]


[Over Easter weekend we had a great time visiting with family & friends.  I LOVED getting the girl’s dressed up in their Easter dresses (yes, I bought 2 sets by accident – forgot I bought one set and totally forgot because they hadn’t been delivered yet.  Not happy about it BUT they did look cute].


[The Easter bunny worked hard on the baskets this yet and I have to say – thanks to Target – they were a hit. Some of the stuff in the basket is from Gap, Castle House, etc but Target had the CUTEST stuffed animal bunnies, bunny ears, craft kits, etc.]


[Sugar high at 745am]


[On Sunday we headed to Easter mass and Hyde Park Country Club for brunch and Easter festivities.  It was so great to be together as an immediate family and also with my older sister’s boys and husband.  I had a moment after all of the chaos where I was just sitting missing my Dad and wishing he were here to see the kids enjoying these holidays.  This time in our lives in what he was living for – to spend time with these kids and to experience holidays through their eyes.  And I couldn’t help but to think about how much the girl’s are missing out by not having their Pappy.  He would have been their best buddy and the person they were most excited to see.

So, Easter was another hard holiday – BUT it also forced me to reflect on how grateful I am to have these two babies (all I can hear is Bea saying “MOM!  I not a baby – I a big girl”).

When I was getting her dressed I couldn’t stop thinking about how we wouldn’t have had moments or holidays like this if it weren’t for the incredible care she received at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Because of her care team, she survived having a disease that was quickly killing her.  They acted fast, went out on a limb to do living donation, and saved us all from a lifetime of heartache.  I always say that when they saved her they saved me and they saved Jordan.  I sometimes think what could have been if she didn’t make it and although I get those thoughts quickly out of my mind, they make me ever so grateful that we do have her.

And Miss Poppy – so much different than Bea….spicy…and that’s why I love her.  She is strong willed and is kind of naughty – and I love it.  She has my heart and she loves her mommy 🙂

We are so blessed and this Easter, we were counting our blessings.  I hope you all did too 🙂 ]


[Find similar earrings HERE and my sunglasses HERE]


[Loving this group shot!  Find a similar skirt HERE]




[Bea and her best bunny!]



Hope you all had a great Easter!




For my birthday in February, my sisters got together and gave me a girls day out!  They organized a fun little Saturday with brunch and then a makeup class with Brideface.

I had heard of Brideface through several friends who used them for their wedding and all of their reviews were always glowing – and their wedding day faces were too 🙂  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the makeup class but my sisters told me that we would be bringing our own makeup and the ladies of Brideface would be showing us how to use what we have.  Great idea!

If any of you are like me, you have several years worth of makeup that goes untouched.  I find myself wanting to “switch up my routine” about once a year and perfectly good products go right into my archive basket.  I was able to bring ALL of this stuff with me on Saturday and some of it is coming back into the rotation!

The class was awesome – Nancy was our instructor and it was equal parts hilarious and informative.  We went through each part of putting your makeup on (brows, eyes, lashes, etc) and talked about what is good for each of our faces while utilizing the products we have.  My younger sister is blonde with piercing blue eyes – what Nancy recommended to her was obviously different than what she recommended to my older sister and I  – both brunettes with brown eyes.

She even introduced us to new products that you can buy from Walgreens – the best stuff doesn’t always need to be expensive!

Overall, it was the perfect girls day and I HIGHLY recommend doing this for a friend, mom, or sister.  For the men readers out there (there are likely 2 of you), this would be a GREAT mother’s day gift for your wife or mom and a couple of her friends!  Find out more HERE!