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Hi!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Last week was crazy (as usual :)) and was filled with a lot of fun and celebrations with friends!  Take a look below.

[My birthday was this past week and like last year, it was more of a sad date that I was dreading versus something I was wanting to celebrate.  Without getting too much into it, it just REALLY makes me miss my Dad.  I painfully miss him every day but especially on milestones.

Anywho – my sisters were wanting to organize something with my friends but I opted for a low key Movie & Masks night instead.  And it did NOT disappoint.

Movies & Masks happens about once per quarter with my sisters and mom.  One of us hosts, we all go over to watch a movie, eat snacks, put on our matching robes and our face masks.  It’s the best.

Since we were getting together for my birthday at my younger sister’s house, I got to choose the movie and I chose a great one.  Have any of you seen The Labyrinth?  With David Bowie?  It was MY FAVORITE movie growing up and I haven’t seen it in probably 15+ years.  Watching it now, I have no idea why I loved it so much.  It’s kind of creepy!!


[My younger sister’s husband made a legit candy labyrinth out of my favorite candy :)]


[The perfect birthday card]


[My older sister makes dirt cake every year for my birthday.  I don’t remember when she took it over from my mom but I’m sure she wishes she never had 🙂  It’s one of my absolute FAVORITE birthday traditions]


[Love this morning face]


[Since when do I have a teenage?! She looks so old!]


[Love this baby]


[6 of my friends and I hosted a baby shower at my house for a great friend.  It was the perfect Saturday night baby shower happy hour!]


[And my little Valentine’s Day love bugs!  One of my friends who was in for the shower hosted a Valentine’s brunch the next morning and I was so excited the girls go to wear their cute little dresses!]




exuma (part 2)

So sorry to leave you hanging from my last post but it took me longer to get my thoughts together than I thought!

We got the Grand Isle resort on Wednesday and one of the first things we did was talk to the concierge about a day trip to Pig Beach to see the wild piggies.  I had seen a ton of pictures from this place and have had a couple of friends visit.  This was high on our list to check out and it did not disappoint!

We did the all day tour that left around 9am and got back around 5pm.  There are several but Robert’s Island Adventure is who we ended up booking and it was perfect.  We spent a lot of time on the boat checking out other islands, making stops to swim with nurse sharks, see the crazy big iguanas, and even snorkel at thunderball grotto.

It.Was.Incredible. HIGHLY recommend this if you go to Exuma!  Check out some of the pictures below along with details on outfits.


[Find my sunglasses HERE.]

[Coverup is old but find one of my faves that I brought to the trip HERE]


[Find Amanda’s sunglasses HERE and her top HERE]


[Find Amanda’s bathing suit HERE and find mine HERE]




[Find Amanda’s dress HERE and my dress HERE]


[Find my hat HERE and my bathing suit HERE]

[Not pictures was an AMAZING coverup Amanda brought…find it HERE!]


[We had seen pictures of these gorgeous swings when researching our trip – we had to find them!  We asked some locals and then were dropped off at Shoreline for some fish tacos and then we walked Coco Plum beach to find the swings.  Another adventure worth exploring if you visit!]


[Find Amanda’s dress HERE]




exuma (part 1)


I don’t even know where to start about our trip!  For those that have followed along, our best couple friends moved from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh about 8 months ago.  They have 2 boys the same age as our girls, the husbands are friends from high school and although Amanda and I have only been friends for about 4 years, we’ve become really close.

Jordan & I were devastated when they moved but to help with the transition, we started planning a trip to look forward to. We tossed around a few places and finally landed on Exuma.

Exuma is in the Bahamas and is known for their crystal blue waters and was a short plane ride from Atlanta (which was a major requirement for us).


We met in Atlanta and then hopped onto a 2 hour flight to Exuma.  We landed at 12:30pm and were toes in the sand and goombay smashes in hand by 1:30pm.

We stayed at the Grand Isle Resort and it was gorgeous. ***for those Bachelor fans out there they filmed a part of Ben’s season at this resort!*** It was only about 15 minutes from the airport so, again, the traveling was super easy.

I can’t say enough about Grand Isle Resort.  It was on the smaller side (which we liked), the staff was super friendly and the accommodations were really nice.  We may even go back next year 🙂

I’m planning to post more pics and fun we had while staying there later this week with details on outfits too.

Stay tuned!