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I’m noticing more and more that I’m drawn to bows for the holidays so I decided to round up some great accessories and tops to add to your wardrobe 🙂 I also included the cute gold knobs that are on my daughter’s dresser.  See above  & below and happy shopping! xoxo

1.  Dresser knobs HERE

2.  Hair barrette HERE

3.  Sweater HERE

4.  Bow pumpsHERE

5. Hair barrette HERE

6. Bow back sweater HERE

7.  Bow heels HERE

ALSO…someone needs to buy these for a holiday party ASAP!  Find them HERE!

gift guide: for hostess



Holiday candle HERE.  This is THE BEST smelling candle and burns consistently throughout my house on the holidays.  They come in a variety of sizes but the smaller one is the perfect hostess gift!

Monogrammed coasters HERE.  Great hostess gift, gift for inlaws, bosses, or coworkers. Anything personalized is the perfect touch of thoughtfulness.

Personalized tray HERE.  Again, great gift for not just the hostesses in your life but those coworkers, your inlaws or parents.

Wine tote HERE.  Receiving wine is great.  Receiving wine in a festive bag is even better.

Cocktail napkins HERE.  Love the holiday napkins – something that would make anyone smile each year when pulling them out for holiday hosting.

Wine stopper HERE.  Again, personalized and pretty.  Perfect combo.


my last day

My first post on why I decided to resign is HERE.

I have written and rewritten this post countless times and I just can’t figure out a way to convey what the last 9 years have meant to me while working at Hubbard & 2060 Digital.

I started when I was 24 years old and have grown so much professionally and personally during my time at this organization.  I’ve learned so much and had the honor of being a small part in growing something out of nothing.  The people I’ve met along the way, the clients I have served, and the people I’ve worked alongside are all invaluable and I’ve truly enjoyed every second.

Personally – so much has gone on while working at this job.  I got engaged, married, had 3 babies, carried around a pager while Bea was on “the list”, donated a portion of my liver to her, and received the worst news I could image while in the lobby of my building.

The last thing is something I feel passionately about sharing.  I’ve mainly worked for 2 men during the duration of my job and I have loved it and them.  Since starting with them at 24 years old I have always felt valued, heard, challenged, and respected.  They were both always fair and led by example.  They were forward thinkers and solutions oriented.  They were passionate, humble, and caring.

My Dad and I talked every single day on my way to and from work.  We talked about a lot and one topic that came up frequently was how lucky I was to work for such incredible people.  He was so grateful to them for giving me a great opportunity but appreciated their team mentality and how they challenged me.

This place has been so many things to me and I’ve grown in so many different ways that yes, I am excited to spend more time with my girls, but I will miss it all so much.

So – if you are reading this and I worked with you or for you – thank you for all you’ve taught me and the compassion you’ve shown me. 

I will be forever indebted.

Stay tuned and follow along as I transition into the stay at home mom life.  Not sure how long it will last but I am certain I am giving it a 6 month solid effort and will decide what my next step is 🙂

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