Erin Fetherston SALE

I have Erin Fetherston on my brain and had to spread the love.  Earlier this summer my cousin wore this AMAZING Erin Fetherston dress to a wedding shower and I had the worst dress envy. (You all know what I am walking about). I did some digging around and found that it was still for sale on Erin’s website AND on major sale!  

Check out the dress I am talking about below along with other dresses on sale!

Bow Dress:  (This is the one I have!)  $375  NOW:  $225

Wrap Dress:  $325  NOW:  $65

Rose Dress (I’m thinking of ordering this one!)  $375  NOW:  $75

Tuxedo Dress$425  NOW:  $90

Sweetheart Dress:  $325  NOW:  $65

Agnes Dress:  $345  NOW:  $207

Martha Dress:  $225  NOW:  $135

Jordan Dress:  $345  NOW:  $207

Plisse Dress:  $245  NOW:  $147

Solange Maxi:  $395  NOW:  237

 Michelle Dress:  $295  NOW:  $177

Miette Dress:  $375  NOW:  $225

Lydie Dress:  $345  NOW:  $207