3 Tips to Keeping a Journal

I have been thinking a lot recently about how I want to start keeping a journal but the task seems daunting.  How in the world do you remember to write in a journal each day or often enough to make it worth it?

 I have kind of used this blog as my “journal” over the last 16 months but want something more personal and intimate.  I want to record something funny, good, frustrating, or happy that happens each day.  I want to be able to look back and remember these days that seem to be filled with so much love and change.  The change of going from all girls to all boys, the change of having a dog of my own, the ever changing world of social media, the change of relationships, and the change that is to come.

What’s the point in my rambling on like this?  After checking my out friend Meredith’s blog, The Social Chair, I found she found the perfect solution.  It was like she answered my little prayer!  

Introducing, One Line a Day!



Find the journal HERE.  I’m really excited about starting this and continuing for 5 whole years!  It is hard for me to think that far in advance but it’ll be so interesting to see what was on my mind – to the day – year over year.  Sidenote:  weird to think that when I am finished with this journal, I will be 32.  WHAT will my life be like?  

****So, since I have been doing this for about a week, and have consistently kept up with it (small victories are worth celebrating), I have a few tips to Keeping a Journal…


#1)  Placement.  If your journal is in the same place each day, it will be easier to remember.  I keep mine right by my bed so that before I hit the hay – I remember to record something from the day (did that rhyme?).

#2)  Keep things positive or get rid of the negative.  I am using this journal to try and find the positive in each and every day.  Whether I have had a long day at work, Bear is bugging, or I am just frustrated…I make sure I write one positive thing down or something I am thankful for each day.  Now, if you ARE having a terrible day – it might also be therapeutic to write down what’s bothering you to get it out of your mind.

#3)  Keep it short and sweet.  Good thing this journal is named “One Line a Day”, otherwise it might be hard to think of more than a few words to write down.  Keep it easy on yourself and just write one line from your day.  The task won’t seem as daunting.